'Clean' or 'upgrade' install of Vista?

  peabody 22:28 14 May 07

Having finally got the upgrade disk for my Sony laptop, I see that Sony will only support a 'clean' install. I know this is probably the best way to do the upgrade, but I'll have to re-install all my apps. etc etc.

Is an 'unclean' install dodgy; i.e. upgrade XP without the HDD re-format? Will it leave loads of unwanted XP files on my HDD?

Has anybody done this and if so how did it turn out?

in my own experience and reading threads, vista doesnt upgrade very well.
i would do a clean install

  Kate B 00:16 15 May 07

Clean, clean, clean, clean. Clean. And clean again.

  Totally-braindead 00:21 15 May 07

I tried an upgrade and it failed so had no choice I had to do a clean install to get it running.
Having said that I had a few problems and reverted to XP for the meantime.
Based on my experience a clean install is better especially if Sony will only support a clean install (I presume you are still entitled to support from them).

  webb204 07:16 15 May 07

i did an upgrade with no problems whatsoever,i didnt back up any files ,everything transferred as it should !this was on a 5 month old evesham pc

  peabody 13:56 15 May 07

OK - I get the message! Clean it is ... thanks all.

  tomraffe 11:45 11 Jan 08

Im tempted to do an upgrade rather than clean. I've been using my PC for coming up to 2 years so there is a lot of stuff hidden away in places. It's a good spec though, it's a 1.83ghz Centrino Duo T2400 with 2gb of RAM Vaio Laptop.

It cant be that bad to do an upgrade can it? What would I expect different to a clean?

If I do have to do a clean, I have 2 partitions on my hard drive. Could I simply move things I want to keep over to the D drive, install Vista on C, and then move them back over? Or do I need a completely external backup?

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