Clean install but boots from second drive

  tonyjon 08:37 22 Apr 07


Vista kindly informed me that a HDD was dodgy so I did a 'clean' install on a second drive. Unfortunately I did not disconnect the supposed faulty HDD and now can only boot by leaving the faulty HDD connected. If I boot from the Vista DVD with it disconnected in order to try the 'repair' option, the new installation is not detected.
The XP tools 'fixboot' etc do not seem to be available via the Vista DVD.

Help please, my PC is running fine by leaving both drives connected but the initial Vista warning has given me be 'backup' mania (Digital Vault and two external USB Drives)

Using Vista Ultimate which I think is almost 'there' and far superior to XP

  Forum Editor 10:23 22 Apr 07

to see which drive is set as the first boot device?

  tonyjon 10:37 22 Apr 07

Yes, with only the drive that contains connected and set as the boot drive tne message comes up the 'No operating system found' (or something like that), in that configuration booting from the Vistat DVD and selecting "Repair" does not recognise any Vista installation.

  Pine Man 19:21 22 Apr 07

Basically what you have is a dual boot system with the boot instructions on the drive that you have removed. When you remove that drive what is left on the remaining drive is not recognisable as Vista because it is incomplete.

I suspect that the only way out of it is to format your good drive and reinstall Vista again.

Or leave the other drive in! :-(

  tonyjon 19:51 22 Apr 07

Thanks for the obvious, if this happened with XP, using the installation CD it was possible to remedy the situation, I suspect that it may be possible with Vista, someone helpful may actually have some help to offer!

  tonyjon 01:04 23 Apr 07

Well! Micxrosoft go up one more notch in my favourite book.

Guess what, thay knew what to do

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