change windows 7 to another computer?

  mehtdosa11 04 Dec 09

can i move, i.e re-install windows 7 from my laptop to my desktop, if it has already been registered? albeit only a few days ago

i should have loaded the w7 new version on my desktop, as i can get an upgrade version for the laptop as it previously had xp on it, therefore being cheaper of course.

the desktop had no hard drive/operating system on it, i put a new hard drive in and it's been using the w7rc.

  Zeppelyn 04 Dec 09

If you bought a full retail "boxed" version of Windows 7 then yes you are quite entitled to move it, you will probably have to ring the Microsoft activation number tho to get it activated on desktop. Make sure its removed from laptop first.

  mehtdosa11 04 Dec 09

thank you, i'll try that

  MIke 06 Dec 09

I put Win 7 on my desktop and activated, a few weeks down the line I upgraded motherboard and cpu. Re-Installed Windows 7 on activation was told I couldn't activate online, but had to contact MS for telephone activation. Thought I'd have to explain to a human being why I wanted to activate on different machine, but just got an automated service. Simply a matter of confirming how many pc's you are using windows on, then tapping in the code they give you in response to the hardware id generated by Windows. All quite painless.


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