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  jimforrest 03 Jun 11

Acer Aspire 5742 running Win7. This is odd and I can't find an answer. I placed a blank cd-rw in the drive and copied 3 files across using Explorer. It then burned the files and ejected the CD. I closed the door, opened Win Explorer and looked at the CD drive - which told me to put a CD in!! No matter how I try it just can't 'see' the CD. I then put the CD in my Win XP desktop and the files not only show - but can be read. So I put a commercial (audio) CD in the drive and it can't 'see' that either - so it can't play. At first I assumed the player was naff but, I connected a USB CD writer to it and that can't 'see' the CD either! If I connect the same USB CD writer to my XP machine it can 'see' the CD. What's going on? I looked on Google and found the FixIt programmes from Microsoft. What a waste of space they are! The first one I tried downloaded itself and then failed to run because of a missing dll. The second one (different) ran but announced it couldn't find a problem. Device Manager says all is well. Updating the driver failed because it's the latest version.

  northumbria61 04 Jun 11

Try going to Device Manager and selecting your CD/DVD drive - delete the driver - then reboot - insert a CD/DVD into your drive and when Windows searches/asks for a driver go to the manufacturer's website, download and install the latest driver.

  jimforrest 04 Jun 11

Luckily I went to the Acer website before deleting the driver - their website Support pages only list drivers which are not included in Win7. Obviously an Acer DVD/CD driver forms part of Win7 so it won't update. Good idea though - any others? A thought did ocurr to me - I have a Vista laptop with (I think) a working CD drive on it. Can I just swap them?

  jimforrest 04 Jun 11

I have found that the drive is a Sony Optiarc AD-7580S. Guess what - Sony don't list it, even under discontinued drives !! They list one each side 7570 & 7590 but not the 80S.

  james105051 06 Jun 11

You could try reflashing to the latest firmware.

Latest Firmware

  james105051 06 Jun 11

Sorry, just re-read your original post "can't flash what you can't see", apologies again.

  lotvic 07 Jun 11

I would try uninstalling, then shut down and physically remove the cd/dvd drive completely. Reboot the pc up without it so all the programs 'forget' about it, then close down and switch off, and put the cd/dvd drive back in and boot up the pc and it may install as a new device. Got to be worth a try.


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