Can't install Win dows 8 - says have to uninstall intel Proset but can't

  wasbikebloke 04 Nov 12

I've bought and downloaded windows 8 but despite not coming up when my PC was searched for compatibility, Win 8 won't install because it says its not compatible with 2 intel products. One is easy to remove but the other won't uninstall (intel Proset wireless software for bluetooth technology)and comes up with 'problem with windows installer package'. I've tried reinstlling the package from Dell (the PC is a Dell Inspiron N5110) and various other manual attempts but it won't go, Looks like a common problem but I'm getting nowhere! I also can't get hold of mocrosoft to get a refund!!!!! gggrrrr this shoiuld have been simple! Please help

  Chronos the 2nd 04 Nov 12
  wasbikebloke 04 Nov 12

I'm in windows 7 and trying to upgrade to Windows 8 - which is being blocked because I can't uninstall 'Intel(R) Proset/Wireless software for Bluetooth(R) devicesTechnology'.

I can't uninstall the offending file beacuse I follow the normal uninstall process but it halts with a warning 'problems with windows package'.

The program you list in your suggestion "Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless Bluetooth4.0+High Speed Adapter" isn't available in the list of programes to uninstall.

Can anyone help me either install the Windows 8 upgrade or get a refund from Microsoft?

  wasbikebloke 04 Nov 12

I've also tried looking through the intel forums and the fix they list doesn't apply - I have no 'phantom adapters'

  Chronos the 2nd 04 Nov 12

What about this? Intel.


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