Cannot view utube videos - adobe?

  tomme 23:21 PM 09 Oct 11

Help please? I've been going around in circles! Have uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome from utube to view videos and still left with black box above? I read 'somewhere' to take out Microsoft JScript glob.settings.js as this one of the problems. I have spent 2 days trying to solve problem and going nowhere..... fast! I have google chrome version 14.0.835.202 which is supposed to be up-to-date version.

  tomme 15:54 PM 11 Oct 11

Have tried AGAIN today, uninstalled restart installed and I have Adobe 11 latest and Google latest so am stumped! What would happen IF I should use Windows 7 32bit disk upgrade? I know it takes out and leaves in but would this include the 'virus' Adobe are talking about? They say on their site this was Adobe 9 and 10 problem? It is purely this utube viewing that is the problem. Views would be helpful.

  lotvic 20:09 PM 11 Oct 11

Try some of the solutions on

Also Here's how to upgrade to the most recent version of Adobe's Flash Player

(note that a virus is malicious, that is not the same as the bug in Chrome. Bug means a fault in the programming coding and will probably be put right with an update 'fix' when the programmers write some more code to fix it)


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