cannot shrink another drive

  gigagiggles 30 Oct 09


c:\ drive, velociraptor has vista. due to complications, it has become a non-internet capable operating system. short of reinstalling, it will be used to occasionally play games already installed there.

d:\ drive, velociraptor has win 7. due to its internet capability, it has become the primary os.

while i did set pagefile to exist only on the c:\ drive for my win 7, i wanted to shrink c, create a new partition to place my new pagefile in.

however, this was the win 7 message for my attempt at shrinking the c drive:
"the service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it."

the properties for the c and d drives are;
c vista- healthy (system, page, active, primary partition)
d win 7- healthy (boot, crash dump, primary partition)

also, i don't see any options to change the "system" property to d.

finally, the win 7 os seems to be running fine without any installation of motherboard sata drivers (the gigabyte website dated the file as 2008) or intel ichr10 files (wasn't offered on the same site). must i install them? the hard drive rating was the only lowest given (5.9). all others were above 7.0.


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