Cannot print documents

  The Bard 16 Jan 12

I have sent several documents which the recepient can open, but not print - they appear to be protected in some way. I have checked in 'Tools' but not protected and all settings appear to be the same as the only document that can be printed. I have Windows 7 Premium and Office XP.

  difarn 16 Jan 12

I am assuming you mean Word documents?

Did your recipient save the documents first and then try to print them from within Word? Has this person then tried to open them with another version of Word, say 97 - 2003?

Do you have the same problem when sending documents to anyone else?

As a last resort can your recipient copy and paste onto a Word document and print from there?

  The Bard 16 Jan 12

Yes, Word from Office XP. I have sent to colleague to check and neither can print off email attachment. Cut and paste and using 'Paint' etc do not work. I sent 5 documents altogether, one was OK but not the others. All exactly the same format with same properties and security settings.

  difarn 16 Jan 12

This is puzzling.

I don't know if you used track changes when you were compiling your documents. If you did open up the documents and turn off track changes (Review - Tracking - click on Track changes). When you have done this re-save the documents and then re-send.

Did you know that you don't have to send word documents as an attachment - you can in fact send them as an e-mail?

To do this right click on the saved document - click on send to - mail recipient and it should take you to your e-mail client and all you have to do is to enter the contact name(s).

  Woolwell 16 Jan 12

difarn - but it then goes as an attachment to an e-mail!

  difarn 16 Jan 12

Yes I didn't explain clearly - it just saves the nuisance of having to open up your e-mail client to send it.

  Woolwell 16 Jan 12

You still have to open your e-mail client for it go as otherwise it remains in your outbox until the client is opened. It doesn't work with webmail of course.

  difarn 16 Jan 12

When I right click on a document and onto "send to" and then "mail recipient" it automatically opens up my default e-mail client - all I have to do is to put in the contact name.

  Woolwell 16 Jan 12

It only opens the create e-mail page not the full e-mail client and it remains in the outbox until the full e-mail client is opened.

  difarn 16 Jan 12

In my case it opens the create e-mail page with the attachment already there and the title of the document inserted. I then just press send and off it goes. Depends on your set up I suppose.

  Woolwell 16 Jan 12

"I then just press send and off it goes". It goes to the outbox and is only sent if the e-mail client is open. If the e-mail client is closed it remains in the outbox. Try it. We're hijacking this thread.


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