Cannot open Windows Explorer

  Thos 13:29 16 Nov 09

Wnen I click on the Windows Explorer icon in the start menu in Windows 7, I get a message:-
"This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please instal a program or, if on is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs Control Panel"
When I open up the Default Programs, I cannot see how to create an association. Can anyone help by guiding me in simple language?

  Pine Man 15:09 16 Nov 09

Right click on the Explorer icon and select 'properties'.Then select the shortcut tab.

Look in the 'target' window and you should see -


If not type it in.

  Thos 16:43 16 Nov 09

Thank yopu for your interest. However, I have done that and it makes no difference, I still get the message as before.

  Pine Man 16:50 16 Nov 09

Have you gone to explorer in the root directory of C:\Windows and tried to start it from there?

  Thos 17:22 16 Nov 09

Yes. And I get the same message.

  Pine Man 17:27 16 Nov 09

It could be a conflict with your anti virus. Try loading a different freebie.

  Pine Man 17:34 16 Nov 09

Other searches I have done suggest it sometimes happens when you upgrade rather than clean install.

The only solution then is a clean install:-(

  Thos 17:36 16 Nov 09

I use AVG free which didn't conflict in Vista, but tomorrow I will try uninstalling and see what happens. I cannot imagine though, that a conflict there is the problem. I guess i have to somehow "create the association" the message talks about.

  Thos 20:10 17 Nov 09

I did uninstall my antivirus and it made no difference, As Windows Explorer is an .exe file it should open I guess, but it doesn't and I am inclined to live without it.

Thanks for your help, Pine Man.

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