cannot delete windows 8

  Ozy 02 Oct 12

I installed Windows 8 release, later I installed Windows 8 enterprise on a different partition. I no longer wanted Windows 8 release, I tried to uninstall it, First I went into msconfig/ boot, and deleted windows 8 release, right click it in computer I tried format, it would not let me format, Tried “manage” format was greyed out Tried “baleric “ that also was greyed out Click computer, click win 8 release, started to delete what was inside, deleted user,tried to delete windows old, program files , windows, It would not let me . Now I am stuck with something I cannot boot, and cannot delete. Can someone please give me a “command prompt” line, So I can delete this “H” partition

  sharpamat 03 Oct 12

It is well documentd that win 8 cannot be unstalled. It was covered in some detail in the early days still on this site.

It is presumed that you have already backed up your files and settings to an external drive? ( I found windows easy transfer worked well for me ) The boot manager should be removed after not before. If your win 8 enterprise is working use the disc management consul, from there try removing the partion. You will be able by the same method to reinstate the partion at a later date.

If this fails then you can try installing Win 8 Realease again. then remove it then remove the boot manager.

Another option if you have another working computer is to put the problem drive in it as second drive. this again useing disc management should allow you to format the partion

  Ozy 04 Oct 12

i did what you said in your last sentence. now windows enterprise will not boot, i have reinstalled enterprise so every thing is how i want it thank you sharpamat

  sharpamat 04 Oct 12


please click resolved

  Ozy 04 Oct 12

i would if i new where to click! click resolved

  sharpamat 07 Oct 12

If you click on the grey tick at the side of a post it will show as resolved

  alesha00 20 Oct 12

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