Cannot access bios or boot options after installing win8 CP

  Jwbjnwolf 04 Mar 12

Hi there.

I have seen/heard a lot of the talk about that after installing windows 8, you cannot install Linux.

I thought that would only be on new pcs that come with win8 preinstalled?

Anyway I have been using windows 8 basically since a few days after the dp was released and am a big fan of the Metro compared to the traditional desktop, (even on 27" screen on my iMac)

After installing the CP, I have noticed that I can no longer press F2 for bios or F12 for boot options.

It is an Acer aspire one 751h netbook

I am not worried about it but I just am curious if anyone else has had this with their computers?

As with my sisters Intel/Stone classmate touchscreen netbook, I can still access the bios etc.

So it's confusing. :/

  T0SH 05 Mar 12

Bios access and any boot options, come very early in the boot up process way before any operating system regardless of flavour even starts to load

Cheers HC

  Jwbjnwolf 10 Mar 12

yea so why can't I access it unless I do a restart? Or is it that windows 8 tricks my netbook into thinking it is in a hibernation state? If that is the case, then why didn't the same thing happen with my sisters netbook or with the DP? :/

  T0SH 13 Mar 12

Check in the power options settings , that when you select to shutdown from the menu that the pc is set to enter standby or hybernation mode

Cheers HC

  Jwbjnwolf 13 Mar 12

No it isn't. I have noticed now that you have to do a restart to see the options.

Any way I am not that worried, just thought if anyone else had this happen, which it seems lots have after a little more looking around.



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