Can I select which version of Vista I want?

  desperate 05:57 21 Feb 07

I'm looking at getting a Toshiba which comes with XP Professional which means I will get offered Vista Business in the upgrade offer. However, I'd prefer Home Premium. Is there anyway I can select the version I want?

  anskyber 09:25 21 Feb 07

I think it's only possible to go sideways or upgrade not the other way around.

If it's a new PC why not get one with Vista already installed?

  crosstrainer 11:18 21 Feb 07

I have an Acer laptop which also has xp installed, My upgrade path is whichever version I choose (currently xp media centre but can go to home premium if I want to.... pretty sure this apply's across the board, as far as vista and laptops is concerned, i would wait until the bugs are ironed out, and all drivers are out of Beta and stable. I am leaving my laptop as is for now...also main sli desktop with xp. using this second sli kit to play with Vista and iron out the glitches first.

  Totally-braindead 12:59 21 Feb 07

To be honest I would do what anskyber has suggested. Delay a bit if you can until the problems are sorted and then buy a PC with Premium on it.
I have seen these free upgrade details and I have not seen any facility whereby you can alter what you want as the upgrade.
Only suggestion I have is contact Toshiba and ask but I think the upgrades are not changable.
If you have XP home the upgrade is Vista Basic, XP Pro the upgrade is Vista Business and if you have XP Media Centre the upgrade is Premium as far as I know.

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