can i run 2 HDD's

  churgestrauss 03 Apr 13

I have just installed Win 7 but media player won't recognise some cd's. Swaping the hdd for a Win xp drive the problem is cured. Can i connect xp drive as second drive or will it make a conflict when booting up ?

mobo asus F1A 55-M LX sata conections only

  lotvic 03 Apr 13

"Can i connect xp drive as second drive"

Yes, but pc will boot into W7 and you won't be able to use any programs that are on the XP drive (it will just be another slave drive)

W7 cable to motherboard sata 0 and XP cable to sata 1

I have the same setup. When I want to boot into XP I swap the cables on back of harddrives (before I switch the pc on) and then the W7 harddrive is on Sata 0

  lotvic 03 Apr 13

sorry I made a Typo it should be: then the XP harddrive is on Sata 0

  Mr Mistoffelees 04 Apr 13

"When I want to boot into XP I swap the cables on back of harddrives (before I switch the pc on) and then the W7 harddrive is on Sata 0"

Why not just switch the boot order in the BIOS?

  lotvic 04 Apr 13

"Why not just switch the boot order in the BIOS?"

I keep forgetting about that, Would be better way for churgestrauss.

On mine: Tried all ways I know, Can't, I don't (seem to) get that option to choose which sata harddrive. Ancient Dell bios. I'm open/grateful to suggestions if you know a way.

  xania 04 Apr 13

I think you may find this a better way of proceeding

To my knowledge, the two OS's can be on the same or different Hard Drives. You may need a boot manager to make your second OS bootable from within the first - there are loads of these around

  lotvic 04 Apr 13

Don't know about churgestrauss but I don't want a dual boot set up on this pc (as it is only a temporary set up before I ditch XP altogether or buy a new bare bones pc)

On re-reading opening post, I think OP should be trying to find out why Win 7 media player won't recognise some cd's.

Have to wait and see if churgestrauss posts again.

  churgestrauss 15 Apr 13

A really big thankyou for all the help and advise.

The final answer to my dilema ended up with a really easy solution in the form of a StarTech mobile rack. The rack fits into a 5.25 bay and connects to the same mobo sockets as original hdd. I was not happy with plugging in and out on mobe every time i wanted to change hdd.

I now have a computer with hdd's dedicated to Win XP, Vista and Win 7 so i'm now spoilt for choice

  lotvic 15 Apr 13

That's great, and a better solution than having to go inside pc each time to swap hds.

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