Can i return to factory restore

  emsa 27 Jul 09

I upgraded form windows xp to vista home premium using windows upgrade disc some time ago. Now i am having problems & wish to restore to factory conditions.I have a dell dimension 5150c which has a built in recovery partition ( which i have done before) my question is, is the dell recovery still in my hard drive since i upgraded. I do not want to take a chance & find out it is gone. I have tried to search for it but, unable to find, any help please.

  Pine Man 27 Jul 09

Sorry if I'm a bit thick but I'm not sure what help you want.

If you have upgraded from XP to Vista it is likely you have lost it.

If you have tried the Dell method (I believe F10) and nothing happens that confirms that it has probably gone.

I am not sure what you mean about not wanting to take a chance.

  LinH 27 Jul 09

The recovery program is on a hidden partition (that's why you can't find it), so should not be affected by any alteration to the primary drive - usually 'C'.

Did you not get a recovery disk when you bought the Dell? Failing that you are usually given the option to create a set of recovery disks for just such a situation.

Like Pine Man I'm also confused by your not wanting to take a chance, take a chance on what?


  mooly 27 Jul 09

You can always do a clean install of Vista from an upgrade disk if you want, if that would be another option. IMO (I know many disagree) Vista's streets ahead of XP for staility etc. And it's much nicer to use :)
As to the recovery partition, it's almost certainly intact, and should be visible using Acronis or similar. Whether you can access it though is another matter. You will have to consult the Dell manual for recovery options and you may need to ensure the BIOS is set to allow Disk to Disk recovery or whatever Dell call it.

  Jim_F 28 Jul 09

Dell restore works by pressing Ctrl/F11 from the Dell splash screen.

click here

Please be careful as this wipes everything from the Windows partition -usually the C: drive.

Theres another link below for how to restore manually - this shouldn't be needed unless you removed the hidden partition when you upgraded.

  tullie 29 Jul 09

If you right click "Computer"/Manage/Disk Management,all partitions should show,at least it does on mine.


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