Can I reinstall from an upgrade disk?

  legalrep 10:22 25 Mar 08

Ok I've finally had enough!

I had xp pro and upgraded to vista ultimate (big mistake) via an upgrade disk machine is playing up so badly I can’t take any more!

Can I do a fresh install of windows with an upgrade disk?
If yes how?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

  anskyber 11:04 25 Mar 08


Many used this system to do clean installs. click here

  legalrep 11:25 25 Mar 08

thanks anskyber i note this article is a year old have microsoft got wise to this and closed the loop hole or is it still workable any one done this recntly?

  anskyber 11:31 25 Mar 08

I do not know is the truthful answer.

At the time (12 months ago)there was a debate about whether it really was a loophole or a fall back position for MS.

To explain. Early adopters and indeed others who upgrade later may have software on their machines which simply will not work with Vista.

For those doing the upgrade route (not clean install) this could lead to problems. There is a body of opinion therefore which says that MS deliberately left this technique open to up graders so if things went pear shaped the MS advice desks could take installers though the clean install route. It makes sense from MS point of view.

  anskyber 11:39 25 Mar 08

This Jan 2008 comment seems to be the latest position. click here

  mooly 12:07 25 Mar 08

Go to Microsoft Web Site and type in REINSTALL VISTA, quite a lot to read , hope it helps.

  legalrep 12:10 25 Mar 08

The more I see of vista the more I wish I'd left my machine alone running trusty old XP. Don't know what to do for the best, trouble is I have programs installed which won't allow me to uninstall them and I have a Roxio driver causing problems after I uninstalled all the software and can't reload it as I no longer have the disk!
What can i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  anskyber 12:15 25 Mar 08

The Roxio driver, is the the Drag to disc feature?

  anskyber 12:16 25 Mar 08

Just out of interest which programs will not uninstall?

  legalrep 12:18 25 Mar 08

It is I know there is a patch available but when I download it, it tells me to install the software first before it can patch it, trouble is I deleted all the software after updating to vista and I can't find the original disk.

  legalrep 12:22 25 Mar 08

software is image transfer which came with my sony camera

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