Business Inkjet 1000 prints all except Excel Docs

  mid6 23:16 21 Aug 08

Hello All,
I hope you're all in good spirits!
I'm trying to 'help' a friend with a rather odd printer issue: all documents (Word, Image, Hotmail email, etc.) print fine but when we attempt to print an Excel document, nothing happens!
We're using a new laptop running Vista Home Premium and using Excel 2007. The printer (HP Business Inkjet 1000) gives nothing out (not even a whirring sound) when given an Excel doc, although, we've noticed the power light flashes (the user manual says that this indicates normal operation!). The printer is attached via USB cable.
Well, I was wondering if anyone had encountered something similar to this and whether or not any solutions had been found.
Thanks for your time reading this and I certainly do hope you can help me out.
Good evening :o)

  Sea Urchin 00:20 22 Aug 08

Open an Excel document, and then click File > Print. In the print box make sure that the correct printer is selected, and also that Print to File is not checked. Also check that Print Active Sheets is selected. The fact that it prints all other documents seems to imply that there is nothing wrong with the printer.

  mid6 07:32 22 Aug 08

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I've tried all of those except checking for the 'Print Active Sheets' option; I'll try that later on today and get back with a response.

  mid6 01:11 24 Aug 08

The 'Print Active Sheets' option was selected so that's not the issue. Thanks for the thought though, Sea Urchin.

  Sea Urchin 23:44 24 Aug 08

Just clutching at straws with this one, but how about if you highlight a group of cells on a page and then click 'Selection' instead of 'Active Sheets' and try to print that. If it doesn't work then we are no further forward, but it might be worth trying.

  Simsy 09:23 25 Aug 08

I don't have Excel 2007 here so I don't know what is available, but try looking within Excel at Tools>Options and see if there is something that may explain it.

Also, try setting to colour only in the printer settings, or b/w only if it's already cloour only.

And as a last resort try an Excel repair.

Good luck,



  Sea Urchin 09:42 25 Aug 08

One other thought - if you click on Print Preview can you see the document you are trying to print?

  mid6 13:31 29 Aug 08

Hello Sea Urchin and Simsy
We've tried your suggestions but no joy as yet. We do get a print preview by the way. We've been advised to look into 'PCL XL' errors, which we believe is a printer command language that HP printers use as part of their communication with the PC and which may not cover spreadsheets (or something!). So, that's where we are currently. We would both like to thank you so much for your time and thoughts with our problem. We'll post back if we find anything out! TTFN.

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