Burning image files

  sheila.weston 24 Jul 09

I am in the process of backing up my data and image files onto Dual Layer DVDs. To date I have five Bulkpaq 2.4x DVD+R DL disks with images and data, successfully copied using the burn option in Windows Explorer. (I used the live file system and dragged the files across).

Why, then, do Datawrite 8x DVD+R DL not work? Is it the speed? One of them wouldn't acknowledge that there was a disk in the drive. Another went through the process of formatting the disc and dragging the image folders over to the F:\ drive icon, but at the very end when I could see all the folders in the F:\ (DVD) drive and then refusing to finalise it. I tried the mastered format for a second trial.

Any help gratefully received. I have about 60giga more image folders to copy. Yes, I will order the bulkpaq next time, but there are eight more unused Datawrite disks.

  skidzy 25 Jul 09

As you have regconised Shelia this could be just a media problem,lots of cd/dvd drives are finicky over the media used.

How about trying a different approach by using a different burning program;

Couple to start with and many more out there;

Imageburn click here excellent program.

Deepburner click here

Im not a fan of Vista's burning program as i find it to slow..but do use it on occasions.

  sheila.weston 25 Jul 09

Many thanks, Skidzy. You gave me the confidence to download ashampoo, which has been recommended elsewhere in this forum. It specifically states that it is OK for Vista. But I had no joy with that either. I then connected up an external LG drive and went back to the Vista burn. This seemed to be working OK (by dragging and dropping), until an error message popped up:
0 x 800703EE - the volume for this file is no onger valid (name of file). The D:\foldername folder does not exist. The file may have been moved or deleted. Do you want to create it.

I tried the alternatives of yes or no, with no joy.

The original folder is actually in E:\. The external drive is D:\.

Yes, I *will* be ordering some different disks! but I hate wasting them. I'll now try ashampoo and report back.

  sheila.weston 25 Jul 09

It has worked, using the external drive and Datawrite DVD+R DL. One problem, though - When I look at the image files in windows gallery or Explorer only the jpg files can be viewed. None of the tif files can be viewed as icons, athough I can view them individually in Photoshop.

After I wrote this I burnt a 4.5giga DVD, using DVD-R 16x Rivision disks from Novotec, together with the internal drive on the laptop. This time the tif files open correctly. As I have fifty of these disks, I'll use them up first before getting some more DL.

My DVD drive is a Matshita DVD RAM UJ-880S and I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop. There is a page at click here which indicates that others have problems, so I'll go to that if necessary.

Many thanks for your support.

  ajm 27 Jul 09

I can strongly recommend using Imageburn. I have just recently downloaded it and it does the job - fast.

  sheila.weston 29 Jul 09

Many thanks, ajm - I have just downloaded it and will give it a go. For the record, can you confirm that one can leave a disk in the dvd drive and put files on it over several weeks, or does it have to be in one session?


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