BT Broadband Script Error message

  tallboy 29 Jul 12

Shortly after I start up my Windows 7 PC I get a script error message:

Line: 10

Char: 7

Error: 'config' is undefind

Code: 0

URL: file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/BT%20Broadband%20Desktop%20Help/btbb/OCB/d0df203c-a2dd-449c-8db8-1eda43819600/Tasks.html

It doesn't seem to affect anything and it makes no difference whether I say 'Yes' or 'No' when the message asks me if I wish to continue running scripts on this page.

However, I'd like fix it and stop the error message coming up. Any suggestion as to a suitable fix would be most welcome.



  difarn 29 Jul 12

You could try a command to check and repair any corrupt system files.

Start - type in cmd Click on the black cmd box In the command prompt box type

sfc /scannow

There should be a space between the c and the /

  tallboy 29 Jul 12

Thanks for the reply difarn. I have successfully used sfc/ scannow in the past. However, when I tried it in the console this time I got the Microsoft message "You must be an administrator running a console session in order to use the sfc utility."

Well, I am the administrator as far as my PC is concerned! I guess I could try doing it in 'Safe Mode', but that seems a bit drastic for the sfc utility.

Any suggestions?



  difarn 29 Jul 12

Try these:-

start-all programmes - accessories - right click on command prompt - in the drop down menu choose "run as administrator" then enter sfc /scannow

If this doesn't work try:-

Right-click a blank area on your desktop.
Left-click New
Left-click Shortcut
Type cmd.exe
Press Enter a couple of times. You now have a new shortcut on your desktop.
Right-click the new shortcut.
Left click the line "Run as administrator".
Left-click Yes.
  rdave13 29 Jul 12

difarn , no need for the space, just type sfc/scannow. In search bar type cmd. In the list that appears right click CMD and run as administrator. Type sfc/scannow and press enter. If it finds a fault it cannot fix then run it again a few times. Type exit to close CMD.

  difarn 30 Jul 12


I have been using this for many means and this is how I was advised to use it - have tried it without and it doesn't work for me. I was giving tallboy some alternatives how to get the run as administrator box as he had tried your way.


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