flockton 15:23 PM 02 Dec 09

I have happily run on XP for years, but decided to upgrade to W7 with a clean install. Every time I boot I see the first screen then get BSOD with different causes on each occasion. My failsafe is to hit F8 on boot and revert to last good OS which gets me back to XP. Am I the only person with this problem? Should I try installing W7 again or buy a new HDD. I have used the 'Ugrade Advisor' with nothing mentioned which should stop the load, including occupied USB ports.

  bremner 15:56 PM 02 Dec 09

There is something wrong with your installation.

You say you did aclean install, yet you can boot to XP by hitting F8!!

Did you intend a dual boot or to remove XP?

If it was to remove XP then at some piont in installing W7 you chose a wrong option.

  sharpamat 19:50 PM 02 Dec 09

Have a read and check it out click here

  Colin 20:56 PM 02 Dec 09

Read the truth at article entitled "Microsoft Security Update Black Screen Issues". Don't people love to jump on the bandwagon!

  tes 21:43 PM 02 Dec 09

Have got the same problem, system freezes & when I do shift alt & del it goes into BOSD.Has been fine since I installed windows 7 2weeks ago,just started today.

  flockton 10:49 AM 03 Dec 09

I am grateful for the comments alerting me to articles on the web; I had read them all but they did not help. I followed the instructions provided by Microsoft, PCA and Computer Active which all say that I load it into the drive containing XP. Clearly my installation had not gone far enough to delete XP. The solution seems to be to buy a new HDD to replace one that is only 1 year old.

  tes 19:49 PM 04 Dec 09

Further to my post, my problem turned out to be a dying hard drive.


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