blurred viewvin windiows 7

  sunnystaines 02 Nov 09

most views ok but some dialouge boxes and odd icon blurred.[web pages ok]

tried the cleartext tool no change,using same display settings as i had on vista.

any tips anyone.

using latest ati w7 driver

  ambra4 02 Nov 09

Have you adjusted the monitor by using the “Auto Adjust” button?

  sunnystaines 02 Nov 09

no where is that please

  ambra4 02 Nov 09

On the LCD monitor panel there should be a auto button that will adjust the monitor for the correct setting

  sunnystaines 02 Nov 09

thanks been looking in w7 for it.

  sunnystaines 02 Nov 09

still no joy, anyone any other ideas please

  sunnystaines 03 Nov 09

changed mode on the screen from dynamic to standard and have some noticed improvement.

still cannot understand how a first class picture could drop by changing to w7.

will wait now for samsung to wake up and get some windows 7 drivers as i feel this may be the cause, tried vista drivers these were the same as windows drivers.
[monitor t240hd if anyone has one with w7]

  rawprawn 03 Nov 09

Sounds like a similar problem to the one I had, have you looked at updated video drivers.

  sunnystaines 03 Nov 09

using the latest ATI W7 driver ver9.10

  rawprawn 03 Nov 09

OK, good luck. As you know I had terrible problems with drivers.
Thank god all is now sorted. I hope that you solve your problem.

  sunnystaines 05 Nov 09

improved it a bit more but still not perfect by going to control panel - display - from medium 125% default changed to smaller 100% and set custom text size dpi from 125% to 100%


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