Black Screen With Mouse Pointer After Windows Logo But Before Login On Startup

  antony.dandrea 06 Sep 12

So I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.

All of a sudden, it has stopped starting up without me installing anything new.

I gets past the bios, shows the Windows logo and then before the login page appears, the screen goes black and only has the mouse pointer (which I can move around curiously!).

I have tried doing Startup repair, loading in Safe Mode, loading with lower screen resolution, loading with Last Known Good Configuaration, done a memory scan: they all lead to the same result.

I don't think it is an issue with the Hard Drive because I can still hear it spinning, also, I am able to pull files off it when I plug it in to my USB (using an adapter). Also, Windows loads to some point and it would get stuck at the bios if it was.

Don't think it is the graphics card or I wouldn't be able to see anything that I see up until that point including the mouse pointer.

I have tried using Google but many places have left this unresolved or the problem is not exactly like mine.

Any help that doesn't require a system restore (mainly because of my Football Manager save :P) would be appreciated. Are their any diagnostics I may have missed.

Thank you very much.

  difarn 06 Sep 12

It could be as a result of a recent update.

I have just come across this on another forum:-

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc on the keyboard to bring up Task Manager.

  2. Click File -> New Task (Run…)

  3. Type explorer.exe and then press Enter.

If this does not work try the same again but just type in explorer.

If this does get you onto your desktop then you could try to repair the registry to repair the explorer.exe

Start - type in run

then type sfc /scannow

with a space after the c and before the /

  antony.dandrea 07 Sep 12

The logon screen does not appear so I can not log in to do any of this


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