The BEST Free Antivirus?

  lisasctt4 09 Oct 11

Okay, so AVG Free literally sucks, and don't bother saying it doesn't. It doesn't work and when I recently installed it, it disabled my internet adapter, i'm talking my internet worked fine, and i install this onto my laptop that i'm playing around with, and It auto restarts, and it just completely disables the adapter. Also, I don't like the fact that it doesn't allow you to uninstall it without downloading a force uninstall program. Please, only answer this question if you have alot of expirence with free antivirus systems. I've know that most free Antivirus systems always suck, but if you have a good one, that is completely all around great, please tell me. It needs to work for XP, and someone told me to use Windows Microsoft Essentials, but I can't find anywhere to download that, so if you think that this is a good choice, please help me out there. Thanks alot if you can help

  gengiscant 10 Oct 11

You could always try Googling, MSE download, and see what comes up.

  mikef. 10 Oct 11

It's strangely easy to find MSE at Microsoft

  linux2aixdotcom 10 Oct 11

Can anyone tell Why do I need anti-virus software for my linux operating system?

  a member 10 Oct 11

you dont really need an antivirus for linux ,the reason being its such an insignificant OS ,and by that i mean the percentage of users is so rediculousely low (on the grand scale of things) . virus writers are not going to waste their time . incidently though many windows viruses are generated (created) on linux systems ,as its open source system is not restricted by windows security protocols . if linux ever manages to grow to a substantial OS ,and have literally millions of programs available to users ,then it will be a different scenario and you will indeed need an antivirus . I am curious though ,if linux is so wonderful ,bug free and never has any problems ,why are you and some others wasting your time on help forums ,surely you should be enjoying your wonderful PC and OS.

  john bunyan 10 Oct 11

I use Avira (free) and it has dealt with the odd virus very well.

  Swampy 10 Oct 11

I have used several anti-virus progams over the years, including Norton, AVG etc. Someone advised that Microsoft Security Essentials was excellent. I installed this some time ago and haven't looked back. Just "Google" Microsoft Security Essentails to download this free program.

  lelindaedwards 11 Oct 11
  onthelimit1 11 Oct 11

Free antivirus do not 'suck' generally. I've used AVG (the earlier versions were very resource hungry, but the latest is better. Certainly never done what you experienced). Avast is also good, but I now use MSE. As others have mentioned, any Google query will lead you straight to it.

  chenadam 12 Oct 11

AVG is good, but you can use bitDeffender if i'm not mistaken you can easily immunize your USB for any virus.. I'm using AVG on my laptop and Avira on my PC :)

  chenadam 12 Oct 11

AVG is good, but you can use bitDeffender if i'm not mistaken you can easily immunize your USB for any virus.. I'm using AVG on my laptop and Avira on my PC :)


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