Belkin G+ MIMO F5D9050 V3.00 Compatibility

  RJack 23 Oct 09

Hi all,

I have recently purchased Windows 7 Home Premium edition but before i installed it i ran the Winodws 7 Upgrade Advisor.

It came back to install the 64 bit edition however to check for an update for my Network adapter website.

I have checked both the Belkin website & railink website and neither have any updates available.

I am currently running Vista x64 and the driver was automatically detected when i installed this.

Can anyone help who may have the answer to this or know whether the adapter does work with Windows 7 Home Premium. The last thing i want to do is install it and lose my connection because the adapter is not recognised.

If not can anyone recoomend a Network adpater that is Windows 7 compatible?

Thanks in advance

My Current Spec

AMD 955 Black Edition
Asus GFX Mobo
Radeon HD4890 GFX Card
8GB Ram
Maxtor 1TB HDD
Vista x64

  ambra4 23 Oct 09
  a member 23 Oct 09

looking at the Belkin website the latest drivers for that hardware support Windows XP in 64bit.
down load the driver and put it on the desktop of the windows 7 64bit OS. right click it and select properties, then select compatability , then tick (run this program in compatability mode) expand the drop down list and select windows XP service pack 2 . if you have other options you can try these later ,but for now click apply and then right click the file and select (run as administrator .this worked for me with a slightly different Belkin wireless adapter .so I think its worth a go.

  RJack 26 Oct 09

Thanks all for the help. In the end i decided to Duel Boot my PC and keep Vista 64 up and running for now then install Windows 7 on another partition.

Everything seemed to work fine on Windows 7 when i installed it it on the partition except my Network adapter but after trying a couple tips off here got it to connect.

Have now wiped Vista 64 and re installed as a fresh install & everything looks good


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