Belarc reports before and after SP1 installation

  marble 14:10 26 May 08

When I checked Belarc before my SP1 installation it told me I was missing 2 Microsoft Security Updates - clever thing!

It also said I had 384.95GB free HDD space.

However, after I installed SP1 it says I have 445.98GB free.

I seem to have gained a lot of free HDD space. Why would that be?

  skidzy 17:04 26 May 08

Because it probably cleared all but one of your restore points.

Unless you have configured System restore,this will use a lot of space.

How to reduce this invasion of system restore click here

  marble 17:34 26 May 08

Oh, I see - hadn't thought of that.

Thanks skidzy - interesting reading. Much obliged.

  skidzy 17:39 26 May 08

Your welcome marble :-)

  acein1 20:33 27 May 08

skidzy,thank you for that link,ive got a laptop running "vista" with a 120gb h/d,so system restore set at "default" 15%, would be using approx 18gb of my h/d,i feel sure this is to much, anyway,reading from the link you posted ,ive reduced mine to 5gb,and i hope thats enough to keep me out of trouble.
i remember my first p/c had a 6.4gb h/d,(1999) and then that was thought to be big enough for anybody, how things change, thanks again

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