BBCi player

  r.s.logan 19:09 02 Oct 08

Already posted today on "absolute beginners ", probably wrongly .Briefly , new computer with Vista home premium .When I try to download Tv programmes on BBC i player it wont allow me and infers that I am out with UK .Tried different suggestions like switching off router , modem etc but none successful .Seem to be going round in circles today and getting no where fast. Daughter contacted Virgin Media as bbc i site suggested it could be ISP fault, but all ok. Seems to be a known fault on their site , but I cannot get remedy . Grateful for any help.

  mgmcc 09:15 03 Oct 08

Sites which restrict access to a particular geographical area do so by checking your IP (Internet Protocol) address - the address allocated to your PC by your ISP when you go online. If the IP address cannot be verified as, in your case, having been issued by a UK based ISP, you won't be able to access the service.

The problem usually arises when "Brits" abroad want to access services in the UK, but can also be a problem with users in the UK with ISPs such as AOL or Orange, which might allocate non-UK IP addresses.

I have Virgin Cable and on one particular site I visit, the location of my IP address cannot be identified. I haven't so far had a problem though accessing BBC iPlayer. If you are on Virgin's Cable service which, unlike ADSL, tends to retain the same IP address for a long time, you could contact Virgin and ask them how you can change your IP address to one that is clearly identifiable as UK-based.

  r.s.logan 14:13 03 Oct 08

Thanks for help and advice , just updated post on "Absolute beginners "

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