backup of w8

  sunnystaines 19 Jan 13

on w7 used its own software to partion D on the single hdd to image a backup.

can i still do this on w8?


could i clone drive C to a USB memory stick and boot from it to restore w8. [any recommended free software for cloning to usb please]

  rdave13 19 Jan 13

This is how to do it on 8, click here.

As for cloning to a flash drive I've not heard if it is possible. What you could do is to create an image on the usb drive and use a recovery DVD to load back the image. You will still need an optical drive.

It's possible to create a bootable usb drive so that you can install 8 from it, click here.

EasUS is well thought of and two free programs you should look at,

partition tool

Todo backup. Hope that helps a bit.

I use Paragon Harddrive Manager Pro, otherwise I'd have given EasUs a go.

  sunnystaines 19 Jan 13


thanks a good read on the usb link.

  sunnystaines 20 Jan 13

read a review of a samsung with a UEFI BIOS said that you can not set the boot order to a USB. can anyone comment on this please. I was thinking of contacting samsung support to check if this was a moody review or not.


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