Backing up on Vista

  sheila.weston 03 Apr 09

I am having problems backing up on my vista laptop. The other week I set it up to backup to CDs on the CD drive. I am trying to change this to backup on the external Seagate HD on the D:\ drive. In the backup & restore center, it shows the D:\ drive correctly against 'where to save files.

I then select the backup option, but nothing happens except for a small window saying 'The last backup failed'. I know it did because I changed my mind about backing up to disk. Then a larger error window opens telling me that there is a corrupted file system and I should use the disk-error checking tool. Where is this?

The other folders and files in the external seagate appear to be ok.

Any suggestions?

  mrwoowoo 03 Apr 09

If you go to the start orb and click on computer.Then right click on your ddrive (external Seagate) and choose properties then click the tools tab and the option to check the drive for errors is at the top.

  mrwoowoo 03 Apr 09

If the prob is with your cdrive then check that for errors instead of, or as well.

  sheila.weston 06 Apr 09

I have checked both drives and there are no problems. I am wondering if Vista allows one to backup files to an external HD, as opposed to a series of CDs?

  peter99co 06 Apr 09

I plug in my external drive and then start backup.

Vista then checks for drives to use. It seems to find my external drive ok. I then proceed.

  sheila.weston 07 Apr 09

Many thanks for this, both. I am embarassed to say this, but everything worked last night as it should. Heaven knows what I was doing wrong before!

However, looking at the backup files, they are zip ones and clicking on them, one can't see the individuals files.

What I would really like is a backupfolder which contains exact copies of the files. I have used 'Handy Backup' in the past, but wondered if there was anything similar built in to Vista. Apparently not? I suppose I could do a 'copy and Paste' every now and then.

  peter99co 07 Apr 09

I have used Karens Replicator on XP but have not tried Vista. Look for Karen's Power Tools via Google.

  sheila.weston 07 Apr 09

Many thanks, Peter99co. I have downloaded Karens Replicator and it has done a backup sucessfully - just what I wanted. The only (slight) disadvantage seems to be that it has to be minimised, as opposed to being an icon which works in the background, for it to work. Therefore, presumably, I will have to open it after the pc is powered up. Or have I misunderstood? Is there a way to put an icon in the bottom rhs ?task bar (or whatever it is called)?

  peter99co 07 Apr 09

I just run it when reqd and that is all. Will a right click on the Program in the Program list allow a shortcut creation?

Rt click the taskbar and unlock then drag shotcut onto taskbar. Rt click task and lock again.

  brundle 07 Apr 09

I use Syncback, which does sit in the system tray (that's the bit next to the clock) and can be scheduled. click here

  sheila.weston 10 Apr 09

Many thanks, both. Yes, I'll keep to 'karen' for the moment and keep syncback in reserve. I'll mark this as 'resolved'.


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