Assign more Laptop RAM to internal graphics

  SupaGaz 09 Mar 13

Hi guys :)

My son has a HP 650 laptop running Windows 8 64 bit, that came with 4Gb of RAM .... That's been upgraded to 8Gb now and he plays a lot of a game called Minecraft on it, which I belive can be a bit memory hungry. How can we allocate more of the internal RAM to the built in graphics card of the laptop? I know there are lots of different ways using add ons and patches to get Minecraft to use more memory itself (which we'll be looking at also), but I thought it would be good to get the graphics of the laptop running at full potential first, maybe upgrading it to a whole Gb of the available 8Gb (or more if possible), rather than the meager 256 or 512mb it's probably working with at the moment. So, my question is ...... HOW do I assign this RAM to graphics at the DOS or base level of the machine?

Thanks for your help, Garry :)

  mgmcc 09 Mar 13

If the amount of RAM allocated to on-board graphics can be increased, this would be configured in the BIOS.

  SupaGaz 09 Mar 13

Yes, I know this ... but Windows 8 machines don't have a regular BIOS ..... thus my question for asking exactly how it would be done, thanks :)

  SupaGaz 09 Mar 13

Bump ..... !!! Does anyone else have any help or suggestions for this please? :)

  mgmcc 09 Mar 13

Does this page help?

  rdave13 09 Mar 13

As it's a laptop your CPU will be important along with the ram. Your bottleneck is the CPU. Try setting Power Options to high.


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