anyone know release date for w8

  sunnystaines 22 Nov 11

due to the recent death of my w7 desktop i intend to replace it with a decent ssd laptop.

so i can budget anyone know if any release day for final version, rumors seem to be late 2012

  sharpamat 23 Nov 11

rumors are mid late 2012 with a beta sometime at the start.With the currant increase of TV adds for Win 7 I dont think any change will be announced yet.

Are you sure you desktop is dead

  Condom 17 Dec 11

Sunnystaines You've been around this forum for many years now so surely any desktop which is capable of running W7 cannot be that old and is within your capabilities to repair, if you wish to.

Anyway I think you should be looking at mid 2012 for a W8 release if you are thinking of saving up.

  sunnystaines 18 Dec 11


no problem replacing the m/b but fed up with desktop m/b's failing. also getting to like laptops more.

my desktop in storage in garage wile i ponder, might put it in freecycle next year.

  Terry Brown 22 Dec 11

As you are disposing of your W7 computer, does that mean you have a W7 operating system for sale?

If so, (and it is not a OEM version), I may be interested in buying it off you.


  sunnystaines 23 Dec 11

terry it was a free upgarde disc i got after buying a vista ultimate oem which had a voucher inside when i built the pc.

still dithering what to do as it has ddr3 ram and a c7 quad cpu.

if i rebuild its new m/b and new oem w7. do not want to splash out to see another m/b fail after 12 months.

starting to like laptops more now.

  johnny87 20 Feb 12

i hate laptops!

  sunnystaines 14 Mar 12

my desktop box is free to anyone who wants to collect [staines in surrey], good spec but susp the m/b is dead [msi x58 platinum] [no hdd]

  adamstuart07 31 Mar 12

29 Feb 2012 is the on which Microsoft Release there first version on windows 8 lunched friends windows 8 having some very good features like .. some very new and useful features is add in the windows 8 full version which make computer word more enjoyable

1:Picture Password

2:Windows Store.

3:New Apps – Mail, Messaging, Sky Drive, People, Music and more.

4:Resizable Virtual Keyboard.

4:Closing Apps.

5:Spell Check

6:Improved Keyboard and Mouse Controls.

7:Semantic Zoom.

8:File Transfer......

Support Microsoft || Compatibility With Windows 7

  sunnystaines 01 Apr 12


is it user friendly yet for desktop/laptop users with a mouse rather than using fingers

  sharpamat 06 Apr 12

This has just appeared on the Windows 8 blog

Windows 8 Release Candidate coming in May

Windows blog says near final pre-release version of Windows could arrive as early as May, but offers no sources to validate claim


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