Any one tried Win 8.1 preview

  woody 27 Jun 13

Win 8.1 is available but I am not happy that it appears you may not be able to remove it and go back to win 8 without reloading/reinstalling the lot. Any one loaded it yet?

  sharpamat 27 Jun 13

Not being able to remove is quite normal with previews. Whilst it is available it is not the final version, as yet there is no options to download it as an ISO file. At that stage I may try it but from what I have seen and read I expect I will stay with Win 7. I still have a full copy of win 8 Pro plus the update to WMP

  rdave13 27 Jun 13

Jock1e, like you I couldn't get to safe made via tapping F8 until I found this. Works well :). Will revert back to standard, though, before the upgrade.

  Zeppelyn 27 Jun 13

The iso files are available from Microsoft at

  Zeppelyn 27 Jun 13

And the product key is NTTX3-RV7VB-T7X7F-WQYYY-9Y92F

  sunnystaines 28 Jun 13

Not being able to remove, has put me off.

  theDarkness 29 Jun 13

Windows 8 to me does not feel like i am using a new system, despite metro. Its 7 plus.. apps. The different start menu is no great loss, because I fill up the desktop and its taskbar in 8 with everything I need anyway. Can you install 8.1 beta on a partition? If not ill just do a backup. From youtube, it would seem all the new start button does is boot to the first metro screen, the 'app' screen? Is this true? If microsoft wants more people to use metro, I think the majority would have prefered the start menu to boot to the 'all apps' second metro menu instead, which is the true start menu of 8, showing everything installed, and allowing full customisation-cutting,pasting,and general re-organisation, as with the traditional windows start menu.

If I remember correctly, I can still only organise files within 'all apps' in 8 by editing

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\

They change after a reboot. Im sure after 8.1 is officially released most third party start menus such as this may need an update to work with the new system. I'll probably still stick to one of those than this new one. On 8, I still use the desktop more than anything, but having an optional entertainment app interface is a good one. Judging by whats on there at the moment, they dont seem to have encouraged many development companies to create 'apps' - less adware trials or shortcuts to major companies that are after a subscription would be a good thing. I just dont want the interface to always look like rainbow coloured lego. Major customisation of that, as well the choice of booting to it or not, without having to resort to third party software, would be a great thing.

Some websites suggest that windows automatically switches to safe mode if you are stuck in an endless loop? It was removed because of microsoft aiming to create a faster booting system, and after doing so they believed the time for a user to press f8 on a modern system was just too minimal to remain. Microsoft want windows to run on just about everything. Im betting that windows 9 will just be 8.5 with a few extras. Metro will likely still be there in some form, but upon installation you will be queried on all the features you want to incorporate. As for windows 10 (released 6 months after 9), who knows, perhaps an enhanced relabelled metro will have overtaken the traditional desktop. I dont think everyone will be happy. lol.

  rdave13 29 Jun 13

Still think 8 is the best release of Windows yet as is. The F8 issue of safe mode has been resolved but that has only been an issue to me. The rest is, in my very humble opinion, excellent. Command prompt to enable F8 safe mode is shown here.

Scroll down a bit for the command prompt instruction.

  Batch 08 Jul 13

Couldn't one just make a system image (Acronis, Macrium etc.) and then install W8.1; then if want to revert just restore the image?

  woody 08 Jul 13

I decided to brave it - generally I load any beta without a second thought and have done so for more than 20 yrs but this one I am not so happy with. MS warn/advise backup/recovery media. Then to download - very very slooow on 20g download (virgin). Will update the panel when I get it installed.

  woody 08 Jul 13

First try from MS - gave up after 5 hours! Then I downloaded the iso - 25mins. But I have to say I then chickened out - from the look of various reviews -for me I think it is best left alone at the moment.


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