Anti-virus - the oft asked question - best?

  jimforrest 16:42 13 Feb 15

I have been struggling with an almost unusable laptop for a week or so now. The comp is Samsung running Win7 with 6gig RAM and usually goes like a rocket. Lately it has got to the point where browser pages open as a blank sheet and have a box stating the page is unresponsive - kill or wait. Apps such as Excel & Word eventually load up (after several minutes) and, as soon as the page is clicked, the message 'not responding' appears.

I thought we'd solved it last week (with PCA's help) and tracked it down to the print spooler. It lasted until the next reboot! The print spooler now seems to be ok but the slow running was back.

I removed all browser plug-ins - no change. I removed Adblocker - no change. Finally I removed Avast - problem solved! Comp goes like a rocket again.

But now I don't have any anti-virus running! I removed AVG some time back after it was thought to clash with Rapport and caused a catastrophic failure (losing/corrupting many files). I removed Rapport as well. I had AdAware but it is blocked from loading at startup so I run it as and when. Then there's the standard Win7 virus program (Defender) which is also off.

I read the PCA 'best AV software review but quite frankly it isn't very helpful - it's written so as not to offend any software authors and in doing so doesn't come up with decent suggestion. What do PCA recommend?

  robin_x 19:03 13 Feb 15

Well you are working your way through the main free ones.

Try Avira or Panda.

If you get severe problems with those as well then something else is wrong.

  jimforrest 19:34 13 Feb 15

I have enabled AdAware anti-virus and comp performance is fine. I don't know how good it is as an AV prog though.

By the way - I'm reluctant to pay for an AV prog after paying for Norton AV (quite expensive) some years back, only to find that it ate memory and eventually brought the comp to a halt! As far as I know there was no way around it.

  john bunyan 19:44 13 Feb 15

In my view the best two free anti virus programmes are Avast and Avira. I would download one or the other from Filehippo. I use one of each on 2 computers. I also have Malawarebytes Premium (£14 for lifetime subscription). If pressed for one I would go for Avast as it updates quicker.

  Belatucadrus 21:40 13 Feb 15

Bitdefender free version



All been tested at VirusBulletin and get pretty good VB100 results

  Belatucadrus 21:52 13 Feb 15

A little light reading on Adaware free, it's not on the latest version but current enough to still be relevant.

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