£24.99 upgrade - install fresh copy?

  Gary Wood 25 Oct 12

I'm considering the £24.99 upgrade to Windows 8 (from Windows 7). If I buy and download this, can I burn a bootable install disc, and am I able to use this to install Windows 8 from scratch?

I need this to be possible because I spring clean my PC periodically by formatting the C: drive and reinstalling Windows, and I don't want to always have to install Windows 7 and then upgrade it to Windows 8.

  woody 25 Oct 12

Pay a bit more for a non upgrade and you can do what you want. UPGRADE is an UPGRADE from certain OS's thats why its so cheap.

  Gary Wood 25 Oct 12

Thanks, woody. Would it definitely not work if I only had the £25 upgrade? I don't really think Win 8 is worth more than this, so probably won't upgrade in that case. But I remember back to when I got a Windows 95 upgrade and I simply had to put the first Win 3.11 floppy in part way through the installation to validate that I was eligible for upgrade. I could live with putting the Win 7 disc in during 8 installation, but I just don't want to have to fully install Win 7 and then upgrade each time.

  woody 26 Oct 12

Would it definitely not work if I only had the £25 upgrade - I have just paid £25 plus vat £29! - You may think its not worth that.I don't know how much it checks but try google some one may have tried. If you are thinking its a lot -don't bother and look at the reviews. It is unlikely i will use it for more than a test bed - even vista is better but that is only my opinion. I do have a selection of OS's on this test bed and put win 8 pro on top of win 8 with no problems - but the software MAY have looked for other OS on my other HD's

  woody 26 Oct 12

I have just looked at the invoice - i think it is only £25 with vat included.

  Zeppelyn 29 Oct 12

Have a look at this regarding the upgrade dcenarios, this guy knows his stuff.


  Pine Man 29 Oct 12

When you download the upgrade (£24.99) you get the option of either installing it immediately or saving an ISO file to burn to a DVD for use on a different partition or for reinstallation at a later date.

The only unique thing about the upgrade is that it is sold as a replacement for the operating system that was installed on your computer when the upgrade adviser was run. So if you had a 32 bit os then the upgrade version you are sold is only a 32 bit version.


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