All icons have converted to Microsoft word

This is a real problem.

I sorted my desktop, and put the desktop shortcuts (Microsof Word, Excel, outlook etc...), onto task bar (next to start button) however I have come back to PC and they have all seemingly have converted to Microsoft word. When I open start menu, all my recent programs have again converted to word.

When I have opened any of these a word document opens, a load of gobbildygook, as well as can not open in dos mode.

I have managed to cercumnavigate word and excel, by opening one of my exixting files starting a new document and saving this to desktop, but can only do this with paint, word, and

I really hope someone has the answer to this one as it means I have to go through to C drive everytime I want to open anything.

Over to you and thanks....:@)

  difarn 06 Dec 11

You don't say which version of Office you have - have a look at this about Repair to see if it helps.

hi again I have tried above, but again all programms seem to be listed as word documents. I have got as far as Microsoft office, tools but all files listed are word documents, and no diagnostics icon. I am running Office 2010

  difarn 08 Dec 11

I am wondering whether the "Open with" permissions have somehow been change or corrupted due to an update - have a look at this article, it may help.

This problem gets weirder, but I think someone should now have the asnsewr to what is going on (even if it is unresolvable).

I did what difarn suggested "I am wondering whether the "Open with" permissions have somehow been change or corrupted due to an update"

I right clicked exporer (that had a word icon), and changed default to open with explorer....HOWEVER everything then changed to explorer?????

Did the same say with excel and all icons changed to excel.....

Over to you :)

  difarn 20 Dec 11

Have you tried this?

Right clicking on a saved word document and select "Open with Microsoft Word"

Go to microsoft office-- microsoft office tools-- microsoft office picture manager-- help-- detect and repair-- check restore my shortcuts while repairing.

This should restore all the microsoft office shortcuts and icons

  chub_tor 21 Dec 11

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