Agfa E25 Scanner driver for Vista

  Esc4p3 11:43 10 May 07

I am absolutely convinced that I looked on here a little while ago, and did a search for any topics related to Agfa scanner drivers. Although there are a couple of threads, I am sure they are not the ones I remember .... anyway.

Does any one know whether my E25 will work with Vista? I have done some web searching, and found Vuescan who produce a generic driver and claim to support a myriad of scanners, but you have to pay $39.95 for the privilege (which is still cheaper than a new scanner).

I note Agfa do a driver for XP, would this work?

ps. new computer not yet ordered, I am trying to check in advance what will or will not work.

  pk46 14:28 10 May 07

Try here.
click here - 39k re

  pk46 14:29 10 May 07

Ignor the 39k re.

  Esc4p3 14:57 10 May 07

Obviously I won't know if it works until I get the PC. My only concern is the file downloaded is vuesca84.exe, so it might be the vuescan product I found that is chargeable.

Being a cheapskate I love free option.....

  Esc4p3 14:57 15 May 07

Any other idea's please?

  Kate B 15:25 15 May 07

Is it plugged into your current XP machine? If so, run the Vista upgrade advisor.

  Esc4p3 08:41 16 May 07

Its currently plugged into my Windows ME machine. I did run the XP upgrade advisor a while ago, and I would have been OK for an XP driver.

I am not upgrading my current PC to Vista, but buying a new PC with Vista pre-installed. As I said above, the Vuescan software may be my only option, and still cheaper than a new scanner.

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