Administrator Problems.

  Purpz 26 Mar 12

I would really appreciate some help on this subject. I have been given a laptop from my collage and there are two account. One has admin rights (password Protected) and the other is a normal user account (the one im ment to use) but i cant install programs due to the admin locks. All i want to do is install Skype to talk to my friend. Any help here? i just need to bypass admin lacks on that thing. any way?

  difarn 26 Mar 12

When you are installing Skype have you tried right clicking and "Run as Administrator"?

Are you locked out of the Administrator account? If not could you go into User Accounts and give your account Administrator privileges?

It is possible to run Skype from a flash drive - portable version here.

  Purpz 26 Mar 12

i dont have the password for the admin due to it being for the professors. is their any way i can make my account have admin right without having the password for the only admin account?

  difarn 26 Mar 12

There are ways around it but as your pc is loaned to you by the college it is evident that the college does not want you to install programmes because it wants to protect the integrity of the pc.

As mentioned above you can run Skype if you download the portable version onto a flash drive -that way you are not actually installing the programme on the pc.

  Purpz 28 Mar 12

Could you point me in the direction of how to bypass it? It would really be appreciated?

  lotvic 28 Mar 12

"i dont have the password for the admin due to it being for the professors"

I think you will have to ask permission from the professor, seems he/she has set laptop up so that it can't be messed with. We are not allowed to assist you to bypass it.

  difarn 28 Mar 12

I agree with lotvic - in the circumstances this would not be ethical.


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