Address Book import/export?

  Technotiger 09:06 27 Feb 07

Hi, I am about to set-up a new Vista pc (the one from Aldi) for friends (in their late 70's). Their old pc is Win98.

Is it possible to export/import their Address Book and OE emails between the two computers? I was thinking of putting their old hd into a usb caddie for this purpose.

Can anyone please also confirm whether the Address Book is I think re-named Contacts, or similar, in Vista?

Cheers TT

  anskyber 09:35 27 Feb 07

I'll have a think.

As a starter Address book and Contacts are two different things. Contacts is like a PC version of a paper address book with all people on it that you create so it will include those without an email address.

Address book is a database with all those in contacts who have an email address.

In Vista Outlook Express is replaced by Windows Mail which has new features. In addition there is Windows Calendar which is a useful strip down of Office Calendar and Windows Contacts wich again is a stripped down Office Contacts.

  Technotiger 09:44 27 Feb 07

Hi Friend, thanks for your input. I know that Address Book and Contacts are two different things in Windows all versions, up until now, but I have looked and cannot find Address Book in Vista, which I am in the process of setting up on a friends new Aldi pc.

  anskyber 10:02 27 Feb 07

It seems that Contacts and Address book have been replaced by the Contacts Folder. Ctrl+Shift+C choose Tools , Contacts, or click contacts icon on the toolbar.

Incidentally Windows Mail does not support Hotmail. To confuse things futher Hotmail is supported under the new name Windows Live Mail (!)

  Technotiger 10:02 27 Feb 07

Hmm, courtesy of Google, I have now printed Windows Help item on what has changed in Vista. Among other things, the Address Book has been re-named Windows Contacts.
I hate change, just for changes sake, why couldn't they leave little things like that alone ... aarrrgghhhh!

I still need suggestions re export/import '98/Vista.


  Technotiger 10:04 27 Feb 07

Thanks again.

  anskyber 10:08 27 Feb 07

Finally, (I hope this works for 98 because the advice is for XP) it seems that address books are stored as .wab files for windows.

If you can find the .wab files in 98 they can be imported by clicking Import on the Contacts folder command bar or choosing File, Import, Contacts in Windows Mail. I have got this advicee from A large tome I bought called Windows Vista Inside Out.

  Technotiger 10:20 27 Feb 07

Grrreat Friend, '98 - I hope it works too. I have also been doing a bit more research and found a few things to help me, so I will close this Thread now - will let you know later how I get on with my friends new Vista pc.

Cheers TT

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