Additional RAM

  prima12 20:29 10 Aug 11

Hi, I am running Vista 32bit with an Athlon 4400 dual core processor with an Asus M2N-MX m/b. I have just add additional ram to give me 4gb from 2gb, I still have 2 vacant ram card slots, would I, or could I, gain any further advantage by installing the old 1gb ram into the other to vacant slots? P.

  tullie 21:32 10 Aug 11


  Karakorum 22:14 12 Aug 11

According to the Crucial Memory Advisor Tool you can max the memory to 8GB

  Karakorum 22:15 12 Aug 11

The above link is for the Crucial U.S. site. For other nations hover over the flag in top right of page.

  Karakorum 22:26 12 Aug 11

Says however that 32bit Windows will only utilize 3 or 3.5 GB of any installed memory so would seem pointless to add more than you already have - unless you're contemplating moving up to 64bit?

  tullie 13:10 15 Aug 11

Which was why i said no in my first post.

  prima12 14:47 15 Aug 11

Correct tullie, but you gave no reason why, because you already know and I didn't. I thought people were a little more friendly here. P.

  tullie 16:08 16 Aug 11

Sorry you feel that way,we are friendly.

  pk46 21:44 16 Aug 11

Looks like you will have to upgrade to Vista 64BIT if you can find a copy try W7-64BIT then you will be able to make use of your 4GB ram.


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