Acer W7 Upgrade - problems

  iant54 12:17 PM 23 Oct 09

Has anyone else ordered the upgrade from Acer's agent and encountered problems?

I ordered mine in August and had confirmation that my order had been accepted. On Tuesday, I received an email to advise that my card would be debited with £12.78 - I've checked each day, and nothing has been debited, and the Order Status page shows the Order Status as 'Pending for Payment' and the Payment Status as 'Pending for Deduction'. I have tried contacting them, but am still waiting for a response.

It's possible there's a delay due to the postal strike, and Acer are simply delaying UK orders for the time being.

Or it's also possible there's just a backlog of orders to work through, and yours is in a queue somewhere, with the e-mail just being sent out as something automated.

  dms_05 12:47 PM 23 Oct 09

They won't debit your card until the product is ready to be shipped, which is more than a lot of others do.

  M@rk 16:42 PM 23 Oct 09

Be aware of this on the acer website.

click here

  andy_b_73 10:10 AM 24 Oct 09

same here... will just have to wait till they get round to taking payment and sending out upgrade, and like dms_05 has said least they dont take the money till they are ready to ship

  simonsup 10:25 AM 14 Nov 09

my free upgrade from vista to 7 came last monday
on 2 disks one was 7 upgrade and the other was acer support disc for my pc. Cost £12.78.
Installed from the 7 disk wiped C drive did clean install in 20 mins, runs perfect, goodbye vista :)

  simonsup 10:26 AM 14 Nov 09

Forgot to mention did not even need the support disk, happy days


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