acer v-3 531 and window 8

  wizzboy 15 Mar 13

yet again i had another go of trying to install window 8 on this laptop acer v-3 531 and up dated all the drivers, and it failed to work, so i,ve come to think that window 8 is doomed, there is talk that they are working on window 9, so may window 8 R.I.P

  rdave13 15 Mar 13

There is talk that blue will be an update, as in the old SP updates, for Windows 8. I don't know. Contact Acer why you can't update. It's their built machine and they should have all the answers for hardware drivers.

  wizzboy 16 Mar 13

done all that,i have even done a bios up date, i have an old hp tower and window 8 install went on that with no trouble at all. acers lap tops seem to be the main ones that windows 8 dont like, er code seem,s to be 00000x1.

  sharpamat 16 Mar 13

There is a lot of talk on both Win 9 and Win blue but feel blue will be here before 9. Neither of which will return to the start menu we all used Even touchscreen will be replaced with systems controlled by the users eyes

A lot on these is now posted on the internet

It may not just Win 8 RIP desktops and laptops may well go the same way

  chub_tor 16 Mar 13

60 Million Win 8 Licenses have been sold so I would hardly say that "Windows 8 is doomed."

Here is a link to the Acer support page for the UK it includes another link to their Upgrade Assistant. Did you run that before your tried to upgrade?


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