Acer Upgrade Disk

  Ford Prefect 01 17 Nov 09

My payment was taken on 23rd October, according to their website the order is being fulfilled.

It is now the 17th November does anyone have a contact number so I can hurry it up. Patience is now wearing a bit thin. It was ordered in September.

  benwil 17 Nov 09

i to ordered mine at about the same time. received automated e-mail on 11 nov that it was despatched arrived on 16th from chechoslovakia!! should receive yours soon. hope this helps

  Mi Casa 18 Nov 09

"It was ordered in September" - so was mine!

The terms and conditions stated that dispatch would take place as soon as possible after 22nd October,the official release date.

I got an email to aplogise for the delay because of exceptionally high demand but eventually got charged on the 27th October and received the disks on 12th November.

I'm afraid your patience will have to wear a little thinner.

  M@rk 20 Nov 09

payment accepted on the 27th still waiting delivery.
have had no emails from Acer.

They should have been made available at the shop the pc was purchased from.
That would have expedited the whole process or was that too easy an option

  AlanPCA 29 Nov 09

I ordered mine on 9th November and received it on 26th November. Looks like they are shipping now.


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