Acer Aspire 5633 WLMi - Laptop Crashes Upon Sleep

  randompunk28 22 May 11

Hey Everyone,

Having problems with my laptop where when I shut the lid or click on the sleep button the laptop crashes. When the power button is pressed it does not fully turn on, the power button then needs to be held down for 10 secs then pressed again to turn the laptop back on.

Tried numerous different things to try and overcome the problem but with no joy... Ended up backing the system up and reinstalling windows using Acer's internet recovery system!!!

This did not work!!!!!!

Thinking it is either still some software problem occuring or a hardware failure. No diagnosis software will report any problems with the system.

Searching the internet for advice is turning up with nothing so have turned to a forum for help.

Fingers crossed someone can help with this.

Many thanks,


  chub_tor 25 May 11
  randompunk28 26 May 11

Thanks for the link, that was one of the 1st things I tired and it didn't work :o(

  mooly 29 May 11

Many problems with sleep/hibernate can be down to driver issues and them failing to close/wake correctly...

You should have a hidden recovery partition on an Acer that allows a factory reinstall back to day one. If sleep fails to work from that then you have a problem that needs investigating. If you try that then I wouldn't go online or do any updates... just try the sleep/hibernate functions.

link text I've never heard of "Acers internet recovery system".

  randompunk28 30 May 11

Thanks for the advice,

tried restoring the system with acer's backup function... but to no avail... somethings not right but whatever it is does not want to be solved!!!

  mooly 31 May 11

What actually happens when you press ALT and F10 at boot up to enter ERecovery ?

Have you tried running ERecovery from within Windows. You should have an Acer user manual installed as a pdf file detailing recovery options... just search for Acer on your laptop.


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