Acer 8920 screen gone dark

  dianeandchipps 29 Apr 12

I am having a problem with the monitor on my acer 8920 laptop, the screen has gone very dark. This happened a few months ago and I didn't have money to get someone to look at it so I switched to an old computer of my daughters. I decided today to try it again and it seemed to be working ok but after an hour or so the screen went very dark again. I searched online to any ideas and I found one: Switch off and remove battery. Hold power button down for about 60 seconds. I think this was to remove extra power for the laptop. It did make any difference though so I though I would try this forum. I hope someone has a very cheap answer to fix my problem. Many thanks for reading. Diane

  difarn 29 Apr 12

It could be an inverter or a backlight problem and this is obviously going to cost money to repair. I assume that you have had a look at brightness etc settings. Does it still go dark while using it on mains power?

Do you have a spare monitor that you could attach to the laptop. If so you could use this as your primary monitor?

  dianeandchipps 29 Apr 12

Thanks for your advice. I remembered about a spare monitor after I posted my question and that is working great. I increased the brightness to 100% and have removed the battery completely so it is now just running on mains power. Can still only see the laptop screen if I shine a lamp on it although it is like looking through black glass!!! Do you know what sort of price I would be looking at to fix/replace the inverter (whatever that is, lol) or the backlight? Many thanks again Diane

  difarn 30 Apr 12

An inverter is a small board that supplies power to the backlight.

I'm really not sure about the costs involved -if you take it to somewhere like PC World there is usually a minimum cost of about £50 plus parts. If you have a local PC repair shop you could make enquiries.

It isn't necessary to remove the battery - in fact if you are going to get it repaired with the aim of using it again you should be periodically charging it up and using it.


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