About to upgrade to Windows 7

  xania 18 Oct 11

I have a self built PC running XP Pro SP3, and I'm planning to upgrade this to Windows 7 Professional, initially dual booting until I've sorted out all hardware & driver problems.

The hardware is an ASUS M3A78-CM motherboard which I know supports 64 bits architecture, 2 x 1Mb DDR2 800 MHz DIMMS and an AMD Athlon II x2 250 Processor @ 3GHz AM3 CPU which, I understand, also has 64-bit instructions.

To the nitty-gritty, given that I can easily buy more RAM as required - there are still 2 free slots on the motherboard), should I go for 32-bit or jump to 64-bit. Will my existing software (including Office 2010, Acronis Disk Director and True Image, Steganos Suite etc) install and reap the benefit, or will I need further expense to upgrade all these. And how much RAM should I buy if I stick with 32 bit or if I jump to 64 bit.

  gengiscant 18 Oct 11

Obviously office 2010 will work and as for the rest. Let me put it this way I have a self build with Windows 7 64BIT and I have yet to come across a program that did not work.

As to whether you go the 32BIT or 64BIT route is really up to you but as to the ram if choosing 32Bit then only add another couple of GB's if 64BIT then as much as you want,or as much as your mobo will handle.

  xania 18 Oct 11

Thank you for confirming my thoughts.

  john bunyan 18 Oct 11

I had a dual boot with XP and W7 for about a month in late 2009. Soon got rid of the XP and in some ways regret having bothered with a dual boot.Glad I by-passed W2000 and Vista! If you want more than 3.5 gig RAM go for the 64 bit.Programmes for 32 bit run happily in that mode in C:\Programme Files(x84) location.32 bit systems will not recognise more tha 3.5 Gig RAM.

  jackwills 19 Oct 11

I have a windos application of through which i had a questions are occured When we are upgrades this version with the help of internet then they catch numbers of different viruses due to this operating systems is demeged.

  john bunyan 19 Oct 11

jackwills. Can you rephrase that? Could not understand your point.

  xania 21 Oct 11


Please open you own thread and do not confuse everyone by hijacking another's


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