700mb CDRW,`format` leaves 576mb free?

  brundle 22:23 20 Feb 08

700mb Packard Bell CDRW, used many times with XP and full capacity available. I want to burn a 700mb .avi file to it, a DVD movie (I own) reduced with Handbrake to fit on a CD. I erase the CD, then use SendTo to send the 700mb file to the CD. Vista tells me it might take a long time to `format` the disc...click OK, once formatted (XP never did this), the disc has only 576mb free space. What is going on ? Is Vista attempting to create a VCD?

  brundle 23:06 20 Feb 08

Burned successfully with this; click here

But still interested in any thoughts on the matter or similar experiences....

  BRYNIT 23:21 20 Feb 08

When you selected the drive to burn too you should have got the burn a disk window which said prepare this blank disk.

By default Vista is set to format any blank DVD/CDRW disk put into the drive. If you had selected show formatting options bottom left it would have given you the option to just burn the file direct to the disk this could have been the problem.

  brundle 00:00 21 Feb 08

I get this; click here

Perhaps defaults have been affected by ImgBurn, but that is for .img/.iso etc so doesn't apply to individual files.

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