7 RC mapping Network Drives not working..

  hawthorn123 04 May 09

I have two laptops each dual-booting XP/Pro SP3 and Windows 7 , and a Desktop running XP home SP3 which has 3 hard disks holding all the folders I wish to share.

The 3 Desktop drives are mapped on both XP/Pro and 7 on both laptops - I haven't had and don't have any problems accessing the drives from the XP systems, but both Windows 7 systems frequently either fail to reconnect the drives on booting, or the network path fails after a while.

Any ideas what is causing this please?

  PO79 05 May 09

I think the clue is "RC1" ie not the finished article.

  OTT_Buzzard 05 May 09

Not sure, but i've not had any problems with my network on RC yet. Done a lot of reboots today everything has gone smoothly

  FreeCell 06 May 09

Successfully mapped network drives (NAS) using both Beta and RC of Windows 7. Functionality is fine. Reconnect on start-up just fine.

Have you set up HomeGroup?

  hawthorn123 06 May 09


  FreeCell 07 May 09

I know Homegroup is aimed at Windows 7 PCs but my question was have you set up Homegroup on your PC to see if it allows your mapped drives to reconnect?
I have set it on and can connect to NAS drive so may be coincidence.

  Bob The Nob© 19 Jun 09

I am using several mapped network drives and they are fine also my WebDav folders are good (there was a bug in 6065 and 7000 where you couldn't connect to FTP).

Check that your network connection is stable on both machines, it could be that that the machines are loosing connectivity or try assigning a static IP as if they are renewing but to another IP then the drives may drop every now and then.


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