56k Modem - will it work with Vista

  Esc4p3 13:05 13 Jun 07

I have just ordered a new PC which will come with Vista. I intend to buy an external modem and am looking for one with Vista drivers. I did a search on this forum, and see lots of issues with broadband modems, and wonder whether the same is true of dial up modems (I am not sure what the difference between the two is).

Checked Novatech who tell me none of their external modems are Vista compliant.

Any suggestions please.

  Pine Man 13:15 13 Jun 07

US Robotics see this link click here

  Esc4p3 13:44 13 Jun 07

Thanks for that Pine Man, and strictly speaking it does fill the criterea in my post. However, I don't fancy the $279.99 price tag ;-)

I'd like to pay £30-50 ideally... or less

On the support page you linked to, there is a phrase "The modem will initially install using the default driver provided by Windows Vista". Does this mean Vista has a generic modem driver?

  Pine Man 13:49 13 Jun 07

Sorry I didn't actually look at the price but it may be worth checking out the USR UK web site.

Vista has loads of generic drivers which can virtually drive most well known bits that you want to attach.

My keyboard, mouse, monitor etc are all running on generic drivers.

  Pine Man 13:58 13 Jun 07

I just had a look on the USR UK site and there are about four modems. I picked one at random USRobotics 56K Faxmodem - Fax / modem - external - RS-232 - 56 Kbps - V.90, V.92

This will run on Vista and costs about £50

  Esc4p3 11:37 25 Jun 07

Just for information, in the end I found a Zoom 3090af at PC World which has vista drivers on the Zoom website. And all for a very healthy £19.99.

  Pine Man 11:50 25 Jun 07

Nice one!

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