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  fonkets 13 May 13

Hi all.

I've acquired a computer (4 yr old) that is operating at 32 bit. It has windows 7 installed and has a 64 bit Athlon processor. I'm assuming I can run OS at 64bit. Can I switch to 64 from 32 easily, and will I get any instant benefits? It has 3mb ram fitted, so I presume I can up this with 64bit.

Thanks for any advice.

  Nontek 13 May 13

It is not possible to change to 64bit from 32bit, you would need to do a full re-install of Win7 from scratch and choose the 64bit option during install.

  Nontek 13 May 13

Click here

you will probably find this Thread interesting, and perhaps helpful.

  lotvic 13 May 13

You won't be able to do a re-install unless you have the W7 Product Key.

If W7 is the oem pre-installed, factory activated variety you will not be able to use the product key that you would find by using a keyfinder (Magical Jelly Bean, SIW etc) as that key cannot be input in an ordinary install.

  fonkets 13 May 13

I have a pukka version of W7 on cd, so reinstalling isn't a prob, but is it worth changing to 64bit given the hassle of backing up and reinstalling everything? Baring in mind I've only 3mb ram and am not gaming or photo/film editing.

  Nontek 13 May 13

Probably not worth all the hassle, I would stick with 32bit.

  fonkets 13 May 13

Thanks all. I shall remain 32bit. I installed a 500mb graphics card this evening.............. woooooosh (by my humble standards)! Now that's made a big difference.


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