3 day actvation ?

  the kopite 07:25 24 Apr 07

Hi Guys My fault I know. But I installed Vista Home Premium. Then found out my bt voyager 105 modem is not compatible with Vista. I contacted my isp Aol who promised to send me a new modem in 5 days fine. My worry now is the 3 day activation how will this effect me when I have the new modem ? Thanks Kopite

  BurrWalnut 09:11 24 Apr 07

You have 30 days to activate it, not 3.

  the kopite 09:28 24 Apr 07

Hi Burr Why does it sat three days to activation if its 30 ? Thanks Kopite

  anskyber 09:33 24 Apr 07

It is 30 days. You can activate by ringing MS as an alternative.

  anskyber 09:35 24 Apr 07

Also look here click here

  the kopite 10:04 24 Apr 07

Thank you Guys your answeres have reasured this thick pensioner who came into this world when gas light was the norm lol Kopite

  Pine Man 19:29 24 Apr 07

You do get 30 days to activate Vista BUT having installed and activated Vista if it needs to be activated again for some reason you only get 3 days.

Maybe the kopite was reactivating hence the 3 days?

  the kopite 21:21 24 Apr 07

Hi Pine Man No I have not been on line I am waiting for a compatible router/modem I just put it on because I was to flipping impatient to have a look lol Kopite

  the kopite 05:52 25 Apr 07

Sorry hjorgot to close topic Thanks again all Kopite

  BurrWalnut 08:44 25 Apr 07

In case you overrun the 30 day activation period, get 120 days before activation click here

  PaulB2005 10:55 25 Apr 07

"how will this effect me when I have the new modem ?"

Items such as Modems don't affect Activation.

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