Zzzzzzzz... broadband speed non-news again

  simonjary 12:23 28 Jul 09

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Is anyone else getting rather bored of being told how slow our broadband speeds are again?

  dagnammit 12:32 28 Jul 09

Nope. I like to know all you BT line users are going slower than me. :P

  Colin 13:02 28 Jul 09

It's no news as it's been raised many times before. It just gives the little people an opportunity to rage against big, faceless organisations who are taking their hard earned money. The ISPs all say "up to" so what's the problem?

  jakimo 13:18 28 Jul 09

I'm not complaining,according to the test meter I'm getting 9.2Mb. thats up-to 10Mb with Virgin,of course theres no way of knowing how accurate these tests are,as I got the same result last week

  Stuartli 13:47 28 Jul 09

Also see:

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  Kaacee 14:46 28 Jul 09

simonjary....I trust you are getting a decent speed then !!!!

  simonjary 15:10 28 Jul 09

It's all in the article in the top post.

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6.01Mbps. I was quite surprised it was so high, and think "up to 8Mbps" isn't the world's worst advertising claim.

  jakimo 15:48 28 Jul 09

ofcom gives Virgin top marks for speed

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  Kaacee 16:24 28 Jul 09

so your getting 6.01Mbps perhaps it is zzzzzzz to you then...not for us that don't even get 0.5Mbps

  norman47 20:42 28 Jul 09

should put the upto in 20 feet high neon letters.

Do people go into stores with upto 70% off and expect it all to be discounted at 70%.

  laurie53 20:58 28 Jul 09

No, but I do expect them to be able to make good some part of their claim.

I didn't for one moment expect to get the 8 meg as advertised, but I did expect, over the course of a twelve month contract, to get a little better then 970/980 k which is the maximum I have ever got.

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