Zurich Car Insurance

  pj123 12:38 21 Apr 08

Great news for me!

Just got a letter from Zurich Car Insurance telling me that I can save up to £212 on my car insurance if I switch to them.

The premium I pay with the (long standing) insurance company I am with is £198.

So, if I switch to Zurich I should be getting car insurance for nothing!!!

I might be tempted to give them a ring.

  Stuartli 12:40 21 Apr 08

The operative wording is "..up to £212"...:-)

I'm with Zurich - it cost me £147 for fully comprehensive insurance for my VW Bora.

  interzone55 12:45 21 Apr 08

I'd love to get premiums like those, I've been driving for nearly 20 years, never made any claims, only ever got 3 points for speeding & they expired 7 years ago, yet the best quote I got in February was £340 for a diesel Skoda Fabia (group 3) and annual mileage less than 6,000.

  pj123 13:00 21 Apr 08

Stuartli, mine is £198 fully comp, any driver (over 25) for my Daewoo Lanos automatic.

Just checked my other car and it is £237 fully comp, any driver (over 25) on a Toyota Corolla 1.3 manual.

Happy to stay where I am.

  Strawballs 13:05 21 Apr 08

alan14 a lot depends on your post code and your profession.

  ray7 13:14 21 Apr 08

Very interesting....same make and model as mine but I'm paying more. Who's your insurer?

  ray7 13:16 21 Apr 08

Sorry, I obviously did'nt read your first post properly. I will try Zurich !

  interzone55 13:43 21 Apr 08

Yes, the profession seems to be important, but God alone knows why, I don't drive for a living, I'm only insured for "Social, Domestic, Pleasure & Commuting" anyway, so why does it matter that I sit at a desk and answer calls all day?

I understand why postcode is important, but I don't like in a particularly high crime area...

  anskyber 13:43 21 Apr 08

The other issue is the degree of cover, I do not mean comprehensive or third party I mean the extent of their liability.

The Churchill web site as an example follows the rather misleading advert on TV about how competitive they are. In my case yes they beat the premium of my current insurer by £10 pa annum but did so by doubling the excess.

  g0nvs 14:42 21 Apr 08

Cheap car insurance is no good if the after sales service is poor.
My daughter whilst driving home from work last Friday had the misfortune to have a lady driver plough in to the rear of her car. First thing next morning (Saturday) a replacement hire car is delivered, at no cost to her.
Her damaged car(but still drivable) is collected on Monday afternoon. One week later she is notified that her car is a "Write Off". Within that week her insurance settle the claim, they will also recover her "Excess" from the other driver's insurance company.
Now that is what I would call good service.
The insurance company is Marks & Spencer.

  Strawballs 15:07 21 Apr 08

I don't understand why certain professions make a difference but they were complaining about that on Top Gear once, Jerermy Clarkeson has an honoury doctorate and when he told his insurer he was a doctor it was less than half the amount of that of a journalist.

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